I’ll teach you the basics and some advanced tactics to sell anything online. Understanding these fundamental principles becomes like a money stream we can tap into.


I’ll teach you everything I’ve learned as my many years as a dating coach. Any man has a shot with any woman, it just depends on
the approach.

Course: A Personal Conversation about Money

Ok guys. It was absolutely not my plan to do anything like this. but I got flooded by requests so I’ve decided to give interested readers more content to help them in their journey. I’ll ceate a few pograms and I started with one in which I explain everything I’ve learned about creating real change in your financial life.

Book: Drug of Choice

This book will leave you energized and ready to take on the world. The power to have everything you want has always been inside you. Drug of Choice: The Inspiring True Story of the One-Armed Criminal Who Mastered Love and Made Millions will make you believe again that it is never too late to change. Currently there is a special promotion for Kindle readers: $2.99.


Mark Van Stratum lost his arm when he was five years old in an accident.
He has been expelled from every school he attended.
He penetrated the secret world of pickup artists, eventually teaching men around the world to find, date and marry the women of their dreams.

He has started several online marketing agencies that have made him multiple millions of dollars in profit.
Mark now is a married man and lives at the beach in southern Europe with his family.


Amazing read, especially if you’re in a tough situation or come from a rough background. The story is a true demonstration of the concept that everything is mental & we control much more than we realize. What Mark has overcome and achieved is truly inspirational. The book is a fun action packed adventure that kept me flipping through the pages. As I read for the stories, I got some seriously valuable life lessons. Most of the self help books I read are theory or broken up examples and I learn a ton, but don’t put a lot of it into action, in fact I mostly read them for the unconscious effect I know those types of books have on my mind. Reading through this connected story of lessons, growth, and friendships has actually inspired me to make some changes in my life. Most inspirational book I’ve read in the past 2 years

– Mike

Everyone has a story to tell. Some stories are just a little more interesting and inspiring than others. Mark’s story is one of those “wow” types of scenarios. It’s almost unimaginable. It reads like a fiction novel, but it’s all true! I mean, the guy lost his arm at age 5. That’s just for starters!…

– Jesse Trevelow

I picked it up not expecting much but couldnt put it down. I read the whole thing in one sitting. It felt like a fictional book but its a true story (I have verified this) and the self improvement messages in the book are like reading a Tony Robbins or Jim Rohn book. It has the best of both worlds (great read and self improvement) and I learned a lot about myself, and some of the stories i tell myself. Mark has done so much in his life and only with one arm. I beelive it is because of his mindset which he talks about a lot on the book. Stop thinking of yourself as a helpless victim and take control of your mindset, your life and your results. Read this book!

– T. Atkins

I read this book because it was recommended to me. To be completely honest, I was not really looking forward to it because I read exclusively business and psychology-based books but it was a strong recommendation so I decided I would do it anyway. I thought I’d read part of it while taking 2 flights one day about a week ago, between my naps because it was 6 hours of flying and I hadn’t had much sleep…

– Robert Roebuck

I can see Mark did an extensive psychoanalisis of him here. Starting with his childhood and going through his tweenties up to his recent days.

His easy to read story displays what choices and events shaped his personality which eventually led him to success both in business and love life.

– Renatas

I got this book off a recommendation by John Chow. I had watched his video on YouTube reviewing it and was thinking to myself, “the title is interesting”, then I saw it in my best friend’s Amazon cart. So I bought it.

It arrived my doorsteps in my country about a week later and started reading it in the afternoon. I literally couldn’t put it down. Had to force myself to sleep at about 3 a.m., and started reading it again when I woke up…

– Ronald Nzimora

Mark’s life journey could seriously be made into a movie! The unfiltered, unadulterated story of how his life went from violence, drugs, and self-destruction to fulfillment, growth, and success is a testament to the power that each of us has in our own lives. The power to make a change through our choices….

– Conrad

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